Saturday, March 14, 2009

P DIDDY!!!! was not there

jake and alex

mike really wanted p diddy to be there

the line

last saturday, me and some buddies waited in line for 10 hrs to get a one minute audition- a shot to be a part of p diddy's band on the upcoming show Making His Band. my audition went well- vibed well with the judges and had a fun time grooving on my bass. didn't get a call back but that was cool - didn't really want to be exploited on national tv, although playing in p diddy's band could have been pretty tight.

but yeah, 10 hrs man. so long. ended up being a pretty interesting 10 hrs in line, from the moment jake, alex, mike and i lined up at 6:30 am. everything from crazy goth rockers to the twins ryan and bryan in matching outfits right down to rhinestone bedazzled timberlands, to the tv crew, to the hilarious police officer, to mike's faces and alex's blublockers. it was awesome. the heat was unbearable, that dood kept on playing djembe crazy loud, girls getting in fights about whether brandy or keyshia cole could sing/ perform was the best. out of the 700+ people in line, about 500 of them were trying to audition to be backup singers and were singing at the top of their lungs in line. it was all-around a great time.

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