Tuesday, June 22, 2010

learning to trust

my peace is found when i learn to lay the things of my life in the hands of my Father.

not to try to take everything into my own hands.
not to figure it out.
to stop pushing Him out.

to let Him in and hand over the reign over my life that i already know (but try at times to deny) i do not have the power to control.

let my life be in the hands of the one who:
Loves me like no other.
Knows the system and knows the best route for me to travel through that system.
Has the both the power and intention to make that route a successful journey.

and off we go.

it's been a long time

but i'm back!

a lot has gone down in the last few months. too much for one post.

Monday, February 8, 2010

EP release + live shows

just got hard back to work on material for the EP for my DOBREGA project. the EP is to be released sometime in the future once i feel that my music is up to my own standards and thus finally take it in to be mixed and mastered.

just finished getting a number of needed additions to complete my live rig. now that everything is in place, time to program it all.

if you haven't heard my music, check http://dobrega.bandcamp.com and check www.twitter.com/dobrega for updates on upcoming shows and more.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


who needs em?
other people too.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i'm diving into new possibilities

head first.
like a pool full of jello.
eating it up.

Monday, February 1, 2010

epic structures anyone?

it's day two of this week. "but it's only monday!" you say. nay. sunday was but day one. ok yeah.

in association with my growing love for technology, computers, synthesizers, strange noises and craziness in general, i perused the internet to find some awesome pictures of the two cities in china i really want to visit soon. both feature some epic structures.

take a gander.

first: hong kong

and of course, shanghai

same tunnel in crazy blur mode. apparently it plays house music too. 

tallest building in shanghai. totally looks like blade runner

Sunday, January 31, 2010

a week begins

i'm gonna try to post a lot more often if i can right now.
this week let's do a new post every day, even it's short.

today's post starts with karaoke.

i just got back from some karaoke with some friends. though i call myself a musician, i shy away from singing. a lot. especially cause i can never remember the words to songs.

but today i went crazy in the best of ways. i was crazy singing all over the place like a madman.
it was an awesome departure from the stifled, over-self-conscious self i've been for too many months.

i was free.
i love being free. i need it.

i want to be real. i want to be free. i can't live any longer holding the weight of my life on my shoulders.

i am a beloved son of God and my identity is solidified daily in His abounding love. i want to be overflowing with the joy that comes from that abounding love.

may i live freely and boldly in my identity as a beloved son.
may i release my desire for control of my life so that i can be directed by you, Father, into the dreams You have set in my heart.

wherever you're at, i encourage you to join me in this freedom.
a week begins.
let's run.