Saturday, October 10, 2009

sleeping is good and i should do it more

i mean really, i don't know why it never occurs to me that "hey i could be sleeping more if i went to bed earlier." clearly, when you have a set time that you need to get up to get stuff done on a particular day- let's say this monday, where i have work at 8 am (instead of what was 7 am before- thanks michelle) - there's only one variable in the equation to "how much sleep can i get." that variable= the time you go to bed. cause i've tried pushing the "time you wake up variable" before (please note that the times i was late for work, this was an involuntarily bodily function not my willful intent) and it pretty much screws up your life. so, here's to sleeping before midnight... in the near future.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i miss this place

Jesus loves Japan, as do I.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

launchpad time?

i think it was my beloved friend sarah (who's now in benin!) who taught me this awesome hi-5 + pound combination handshake ( i guess you're not really shaking hands but hey, "handshake" is an umbrella name for the group of greeting/ congratulatory forms of hand contact?) where one person's hand is a rocket launching up to infinity and the other is the exhaust of the rocket ship blasting all over the place.

this piece of equipment makes the same thing happen in your computer.
not really, but really. it does.

let's get fully operational!

i'm really aching to do live shows right now. been working hard on making a lot of music- spending hours and hours coming up with new material and reworking my old stuff. a lot of my older music i don't really connect with- it was good but never really ME. so, i'm changing up things to sound the way i want it to sound. anyways, i have enough material to put together a lengthy live set so hopefully with some construction this weekend (on my riggidy rig!) and some bouncing/ organizing of media files i should be fully operational (death star style) real soon!

been a long time

since i've posted anything up but i'm gonna try to revamp this thing.