Sunday, January 31, 2010

a week begins

i'm gonna try to post a lot more often if i can right now.
this week let's do a new post every day, even it's short.

today's post starts with karaoke.

i just got back from some karaoke with some friends. though i call myself a musician, i shy away from singing. a lot. especially cause i can never remember the words to songs.

but today i went crazy in the best of ways. i was crazy singing all over the place like a madman.
it was an awesome departure from the stifled, over-self-conscious self i've been for too many months.

i was free.
i love being free. i need it.

i want to be real. i want to be free. i can't live any longer holding the weight of my life on my shoulders.

i am a beloved son of God and my identity is solidified daily in His abounding love. i want to be overflowing with the joy that comes from that abounding love.

may i live freely and boldly in my identity as a beloved son.
may i release my desire for control of my life so that i can be directed by you, Father, into the dreams You have set in my heart.

wherever you're at, i encourage you to join me in this freedom.
a week begins.
let's run.